Modern Technology Computer Centre (MTCC) was first registered under Business Act in 2005. In order to enhance our service delivery, the management proposed a strategy for transforming the business into a company as per the Companies Act (Cap 486, Laws of Kenya).

The business entity was finally incorporated as Modern Technology Computer Centre Limited (MTCCL) in 2008 under registration number 159943, and VAT. No 0192020D. Since then, MTCCL has published CBC course books, developed digital health solutions and offered e-Banking services in Kenya and across the World. For more information on the company, please visit our Profile page.


MTCCL is a registered with the Kenya Publishers Association (KPA) as a Publisher of the CBC Course Books and Other curriculum support materials. In the health sector, MTCCL works with various the Ministry of Health and her development partners in the development of health-related Policies, Strategic Plans and Digital Health Solutions. In the Financial Sector, MTCCL provides Mobile and Agency Banking services through Safaricom mPesa; Equity Bank, Co-operative Bank, KCB, Family Bank and Caritas Microfinance.

To provide state-of-art solutions, MTCCL is well equipped with digital machines and equipment that make our services convenient and efficient. Due to our innovative approaches to publishing, money market, research and software development, we have won trust of various government ministries, health providers and multi-national organizations like the United Nations, WHO, World Bank, USAID, GIZ, JICA and PATH.

MTCCL has a pool of authors, software developers, consultants and researchers with many years of experience in Kenya, Africa and the World. In matters administration, MTCCL is run by highly competent Board of Directors with their qualifications ranging from PhD, masters, bachelors and diplomas. In fact, two of the directors in charge of publishing, research and development are holders of PhD in Computer Science (Information Systems)

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To be a Publisher and Technology solutions provider of choice through consistent pursuit of excellence in our service. We shall remain trusted for our integrity, admired for our innovatiness, respected for our practices and recognized for our success.


To provide exceptional and efficient publishing, digital solutions and financial services to our clients in a welcoming atmosphere suported by innovative technologies.


We honour our Commitments; whether verbal or written in all our dealings and transactions with our clients in Kenya and across the World.